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If you have something you feel should be included in the FAQ or archives, please email it to . The success of the FAQ and archives depends on contributions from others.

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The FAQ is available as individual web pages below.

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The following site take the FAQs and make HTML pages out of them. Sometimes these sites are months out of date, so check the date on the FAQ they have to see if it is current. Maybe someday they'll get a clue and fix the FAQs or stop providing out of date information.

  • Ohio State


    Here is a list of the files in the rec.bicycles.* archives available via anonymous ftp. You can get a complete copy of the FAQ (378kbytes) here.

    Here is a directory of cycling related gifs and jpegs. No descriptions so you're on your own.

    Sheldon Brown ( has a very good collection of articles on the Harris Cyclery web site. You can find them here. The articles include cone adjustment, cyclecomputer calibration/installation/troubleshooting, chain maintenance, etc.

    Other Cycling-related Web sources

    Here are some other cycling-related Web sites that you may find interesting.



    Tour Companies


    Mike Vandeman FAQs

    Mike Vandeman inflicts his anti-mountain-bike views on (and several other newsgroups), which starts endless arguments and waste a lot of bandwidth. Please read the FAQs before answering any of his posts.

    Note that as of February 16, 1998, is moderated and unless Mike Vandeman keeps his postings on-topic, without namecalling, and not excessively cross-posted, they will not appear in that newsgroup. We can thank Dave Blake for his work on getting the newsgroup moderated.

    Blaine Bauer's "Mr. ABC" FAQ ("ABC" = "Anti-Biking Curmudgeon")

    Key Resource

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